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Star Wars Flash Mob! – Whatever’s On The Weekends

Not every flash mob has to be in the form of dance! Sticking with the theme of musical instruments on for the past few weekends, have a look at this awesome “Star Wars” themed flashmob that recently took place in Cologne Germany and has since gone viral on the internet!


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LEGO Stratos Jump – Tube Tuesday’s

With all the hype behind the incredible Red Bull Stratos feat achieved over the weekend by Austrian extreme athlete Felix Baumgartner, LEGO decided to give us the feeling as if it we’re done with just a small piece of moulded coloured plastic at a scale of 1:350 of the original jump. ┬áSo enjoy the stratos jump – this time in LEGO.

Congratulations Felix and Red Bull on breaking world records and Wow-ing the entire world!

To watch the original Red Bull Stratos Jump click here

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NBA Canada Series – Montreal Monday’s

Don’t miss out as the Toronto Raptors take on the New York Knicks for the second year in a row in some pre-season NBA action right in the heart of Montreal. Tip off is schedule for this friday October 19th at 7:00pm at the Bell Centre!

Tickets are still available here: www.evenko.ca/NBA

Check out the video below to learn more.

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Epic Dodgeball Knockout! – Tube Tuesday’s

A little while back I had posted a video about “Tricking” a crazy style of dance that incorporates a good mix of martial arts moves! Check out what happens when you throw some tricking into Dodgeball! This just is a ninja!!

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Hot Wheels Police Chase – Tube Tuesday’s

A super-charged Ford Mustang is under hot pursuit by the law and throws them off its tail one by one, but it may have met its match when it comes up against a mysterious black police Chevy Corvette…┬áThis stop motion action film using toy cars took 6 months to shoot for just under 3 minutes of film! It was filmed using bespoke rigging systems and an iPhone with an application called Stop Motion HD. Amazing work! Don’t forget the sound fx!!

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Those Piano Guys – Tube Tuesday’s

I stumbled upon this video on Facebook the other day and I was really blown away! This is not something that is easy to coordinate and put together but it was done so beautifully! The Piano Guy’s are a growing YouTube sensation and I hope they put out more videos just like this one they did covering One Direction’s hit “What Makes You Beautiful.”

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Sharpshooter – Ugly Kids Club – Whatever’s On The Weekend

It’s been kinda rainy this weekend and music like this is a perfect fit to sit back and relax and enjoy a really cool video that goes along with it. Ugly Kids Club‘s latest video “Sharpshooter” is quite the artistic masterpiece! Shot on a mix of Canon 60D and an iPhone 4, the combination of videos thrown into a kaleidoscope effect is really cool! At the same time, the music is really catchy and really enjoyable! If you ask me, this indie electro duo is on the path to success! Great Concept!

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