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@richardbeynon_ – #FF – Follow Friday’s

Talent, Talent, Talent! 3 Words to describe @richardbeynon_. You we’re likely introduced to him on the Montreal club scene or on my blog back in June when I had a chance to sit down with him in his studio to talk about all his recent success! Well Richard, is off doing it big now with his residency at the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas and more! Follow him on twitter for his latest updates including his new track releases, his radio show news and of course tour dates. If you happen to be in Las Vegas this weekend be sure to check him out at Vanity (Hard Rock) on Saturday August 18th and Sunday August 19th with DJ Pauly D (Jersey Shore) at Rehab (Hard Rock)!

If you missed it last time check out the interview!

Enjoy the most recent episode of Perfecto World Radio with Richard Beynon here:


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GdotSpeaks joins Facebook! – #FF – Follow Friday’s

This week’s edition of Follow Friday’s is slightly tweaked and here’s why! Just after a year of existence GdotSpeaks is proud to announce that we have finally joined Facebook! That is right! Starting as soon as this coming Monday, many new changes are coming; including brand new video segments, sharing methods and cool ways to keep you entertained. Be sure to like the fan page so you don’t miss out on an exclusive studio tour and interview with Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas’ Resident DJ and perfecto records music producer Richard Beynon in a brand new video segment!

Not only that! HEY LADIES!! Stay tuned for the upcoming 4 week segment of What’s Wearing Wednesday’s for LADIES ONLY starting July 4th! You won’t want to miss, as I go shopping with one of Montreal’s top female personal shoppers!

Click “Like Us On Facebook” to gain immediate access and sneak previews of upcoming content:

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