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@KingJames – #FF – Follow Friday’s

As I mentioned on my Facebook and Twitter late last night, I am not much of a big basketball fan. But when it comes to the basics, I know who Lebron James is and what a monster basketball player he is. I know he’s got haters and has had so much to live up to in the last 9 years since the day he was drafted and compared to the greats like Michael Jordan and some. It took him a while to win his first championship but last night he and the Miami Heat did it! Follow @KingJames and send him your love! Congrats Lebron!


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Big Hoops [Sultan + Ned Shepard Remix] – Nelly Furtado – Track Thursday’s

Here’s a really hype remix to Nelly Furtado’s “Big Hoops (The Bigger The Better)” produced by Sultan+Ned Shepard. They recently opened for Tiesto at New City Gas during Grand Prix weekend on June 7th and wowed the crowd with their high energy and electrifying opening set! Be sure to follow them on their social network’s to find out whats coming next!

Facebook.com/sultanshepard   Twitter: @sultanshepard

Big Hoops Remix available for download on




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Exclusive Studio Tour and Interview with Richard Beynon – Montreal Monday’s

Check out our brand new video segment as I sit down and chat with DJ and music producer, Richard Beynon.  Enjoy as he give us an exclusive inside look at his production studio!

Hailing from the UK and raised in Vancouver, he moved to Montreal at the age 18 to study music performance at the prestigious McGill University to help him further pursue his career in music. Since then he has achieved so much while living in Montreal. While getting to DJ the hottest clubs in city, he put his producing skills to work to add to everything he was learning in school. A few years later, a dream come true! His records and music caught the eyes and ears of world famous DJ Paul Oakenfold and his record label. In early 2011, Beynon signed a contract with Perfecto Records which led to a New Years Eve performance in Las Vegas to bring on 2012. His skills impressed the city of Las Vegas so much that shortly after that, he was given residency at the Hard Rock Hotel. He has now joined Paul Oakenfold on a tour and has a new record EP coming out on June 25th via Beatport with songs called “Keep Me Alive” and “Chuckie Cheese.”

Enjoy the video and be sure to join Richard on his social networks to follow along for his new releases!



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@GrandPrixF1Can – #FF – Follow Friday’s

In the spirit of Grand Prix and all the amazing festivities happening this weekend, @GrandPrixF1Can is who you need to follow! As a spectator you get all the updates from the track on the behind the scenes and all access information relevant to the race live directly from Circuit Gilles Villeneuve!

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@WeAreRadical – #FF – Follow Friday’s

Every now in the then, the beautiful summer weather just ask’s me want to wind down a bit. Ever since I posted one of their tracks last summer, I turn to Radical Something to please my ear drums with with some good summer vibes! So why should you follow @WeAreRadical? It’s simple, they make good music, and you should listen to it! Get a free download via their Facebook page and support them with their newest EP on iTunes called “No Sweat”

Here’s a taste of what type of goodness I am talking about!


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@myfatguyprobs – #FF – Follow Friday’s

Want a good story? Well I’ve got one for you! Meet Jake, one of my best friends. He’s Fat. He Know’s it. But he wants to be Fit and wants to show it! Weighing in at 305 lbs Jake is taking us all on his journey as he looses weight and keeps us entertained with his #FatToFit blog called My Fat Guy Problems. But it all starts here, by following him on twitter at @myfatguyprobs for hilarious updates on what it is like to be fat and what he’s doing to change that (He even started doing zumba!) Stay up to date with his hilarious blog and send him your words of encouragement! Jakey boy, see you at the finish line buddy!

Want a funny video to get you started? Here’s a hilarious video titled Peanut Butter and Jelly Belly!

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@WolfpackAlan – #FF – Follow Friday’s

The Hangover and the Hangover Sequel are two of my all time favourite movies! Being the party boy that I am, I almost wish I had an “Alan” that followed my friends and I around to keep us laughing all the time! Unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of having an exact replica of good ol’ Alan, but I do have @WolfpackAlan on twitter! Keeping me entertained and laughing all the time with his sarcastic and idiotic remarks I highly recommend you check him out! Happy Friday Everyone!

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