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@Duck_Commander – #FF – Follow Friday’s

Oh yes! The beards are back for a new season! Dem southern guys by the name of Phil, Sy, Willie, Jase and the rest of the Robertson family are back to make us laugh and enjoy some good ol’ dumb TV! Follow @Duck_Commander for the latest updates on A&E’s Duck Dynasty! Don’t forget to hashtag #DUCK!


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Le Match au Serge – Montreal Monday’s

In Montreal, hockey is part of our blood, you either eat, breathe and sleep it, and if you don’t, you can at least have an idea what people are talking about when they say the word Habs. (For those who don’t know, Habs is short for Habitants, a nickname given to the NHL’s Montreal Canadiens many many years ago!)

However, one thing you should know about, is a local bar called Chez Serge. It is the ultimate place to watch a hockey game in Montreal! These guys just get it! Plasma TV’s and screen projectors everywhere, a live DJ to keep your energy alive between each whistle (as if your at the game) and a mechanical riding bull! Not to mention their incredibly good looking and interactive staff that will keep you entertained during intermission with Bar dances in jean shorts and leather vests. To top it all off, you have got to try their famous Orgy drinks! Thats right a sand pale filled with alcohol and straws for you and your friends to share! The atmosphere is absolutely packed and makes for the best place in the city to watch a hockey game! Take my word for it and check it out!

5301 St. Laurent, corner of Maguire, (Laurier Metro)

Call now to make a reservation because you will likely need it! THIS PLACE GETS PACKED AND WILD!

(514) 270-3262

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