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Russell Peters Notorious World Tour – Montreal Monday’s

Russell Peters is back with a new act and world tour! He’s headed to Montreal on October 15th at the Bell Centre and will make you laugh your head off! If you have not seen anything from Russell Peters before then you want to check out this video from a few years back at the Comedy Now show in Toronto. He is certainly one of my favourite comedians and he’s canadian!

For tickets and more info check out: www.evenko.ca/RussellPeters


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DJ M-Rock The Best of Michael Jackson Mixtape – Whatever’s On The Weekend

I am sure many will agree that Michael Jackson is a musical inspiration to all! His dedication, vow to quality in music and work ethic proved great results and he is truly missed today. Today there still are artists like music producer, DJ M-Rock, the resident DJ for boutique clubs Nyood and F-Stop (Toronto), who can really exemplify a vow to quality in music. His most recent mixtape “The Best of Michael Jackson” is two and half hours long and is filled with M.J. glory! This is certainly something that just about anyone can appreciate! Enjoy the free download courtesy of M-Rock himself.

Download M-Rock’s Mixtapes Here:


Other great mix tapes include: The Best of Kanye West, The Best of Jay-Z, The Best of The Beastie Boys, The Best of Notrious B.I.G., Best of Nate Dogg and The Best of Whitney Houston.

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TB1 Performs Live @ 5678 Showtime -Tube Tuesdays

I am a little late on this one, but it was because I was waiting for this awesome video! Many of you have heard of TB1 but many of you have not seen the energy he can bring to live performances! Check out the footage from his most recent performance at 5678 Showtime in Mont Tremblant from this past weekend! The crowd goes nuts!!! Catch TB1 live this weekend on Saturday at Toronto hot spot Maro on Liberty Street and on Sunday at The World Famous Le Brunch at Brassaii! Be sure to tweet @TB1_ and hashtag #TeamTB1 for a shout out!

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“The Re-Bar Mitzvah” @Drake – #FF – Follow Friday’s

Alright, it’s Friday, it’s passover, and @Drake just released footage from his  “Re-Bar Mitzvah”! I’ll stop there! This is just whack!! Check out the new music video to HYFR (Hell Yeah! F***in Right!) and follow Drizzy on twitter to find out whats coming next! Chag Same’ach!

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Fluid New Year’s Eve Party – Montreal Monday’s

Fluid New Year’s is Montreal’s biggest open bar party on New Years Eve! General admission tickets are on sale for $89.99  and include all the alcohol you want to consume! Guest DJ’s include DJ Yo-C , Jay Malka and some others from New York, Toronto and Montreal who will be spinning the hottest in hip hop, house, old skool and club anthems. Be sure not to miss out on TB1’s guest performance either performing his smash hit singles Showertime and 14ME14U.

Catch me on stage with TB1!

For more check out Fluid New Years on Twitter or check out their website:

Club Soda
1225 Saint Laurent Boul.
Montréal, Québec H2X 2S6







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Drake’s Video Makes Headlines – Tube Tuesday’s

This one is a fresh release from yesterday morning! Canadian born, Toronto boy Drake just released the video for his most recent single release “Headlines”. The song is damn good, but check out the editing on this video! Look how tight everything is and how it keeps you wondering what’s to come next! Great video in my opinion! Enjoy! OVOXO

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CN Tower EdgeWalk – Whatever’s on the Weekend

If you remember the post a few months back on Dinner in the Sky, well I think I may have found something that tops that! On August 1st, The CN Tower in Toronto will open it’s brand new tourist attraction called THE EDGEWALK! Participants will exit the CN tower onto a 1.5meter wide platform at the top of the tower’s outer rim. After walking a few steps, they start with an easy task called “Toes over Toronto” which allows them to step right up to the edge of the platform and let their toes hang over the edge but watch this video to see what happens next when they “HANG OUT” in a totally different way!

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