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@ADespatie – #OlympicHeroes – Follow Friday’s

This week’s edition of #OlympicHeroes features a Canadian born athlete who has struck the podium a few times at the Olympics before! Growing up, he has always been one of the athletes I cheer for! @ADespatie (Alexandre Despatie) is one of the world’s top diver’s who is expected to make the biggest yet smallest splash at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London! Send him you’re good luck wishes, love and let him know he has you’re support! Don’t forget to include hashtag #OlympicHeroes in you’re tweet! Want to learn more about @ADespatie check out this cool video below!


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@WeAreRadical – #FF – Follow Friday’s

Every now in the then, the beautiful summer weather just ask’s me want to wind down a bit. Ever since I posted one of their tracks last summer, I turn to Radical Something to please my ear drums with with some good summer vibes! So why should you follow @WeAreRadical? It’s simple, they make good music, and you should listen to it! Get a free download via their Facebook page and support them with their newest EP on iTunes called “No Sweat”

Here’s a taste of what type of goodness I am talking about!


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We Found Love on New Years Eve – Whatever’s on The Weekend

What’s up everyone! Well this is it! The last post for 2011! It has been an amazing year for GdotSpeaks.com and it shall continue to be as I have awesome new content lined up for 2012! Once again, I am thankful for all your continuous support and I also look forward to bringing you the brand new design for the GdotSpeaks first year anniversary in just a few months from now!

In the meantime, here is what I see as one of the top 3 songs of 2011, Rihanna’s “We Found Love” edited by the one and only Kidd Spin for a special New Years Eve Countdown to 2012! Check it out, and play it tonight as you countdown wherever you may be partying! I know I will!

For 2011 that’s a wrap! See you when the world doesn’t end tomorrow.

Happy 2012 everyone!!

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