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LEGO Stratos Jump – Tube Tuesday’s

With all the hype behind the incredible Red Bull Stratos feat achieved over the weekend by Austrian extreme athlete Felix Baumgartner, LEGO decided to give us the feeling as if it we’re done with just a small piece of moulded coloured plastic at a scale of 1:350 of the original jump.  So enjoy the stratos jump – this time in LEGO.

Congratulations Felix and Red Bull on breaking world records and Wow-ing the entire world!

To watch the original Red Bull Stratos Jump click here


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The LEGO Story – Tube Tuesday’s

Growing up I had a favourite toy in LEGO. It helped grow my imagination, allow me to create new things and sometimes even follow instructions to get it just right! Sometimes I even wish I still had some today! This video is long but worth all 17 minutes! To celebrate 80 years of success, LEGO shares it’s story with us on how it came to be from the very start! What an amazing story!!

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