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@WolfpackAlan – #FF – Follow Friday’s

The Hangover and the Hangover Sequel are two of my all time favourite movies! Being the party boy that I am, I almost wish I had an “Alan” that followed my friends and I around to keep us laughing all the time! Unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of having an exact replica of good ol’ Alan, but I do have @WolfpackAlan on twitter! Keeping me entertained and laughing all the time with his sarcastic and idiotic remarks I highly recommend you check him out! Happy Friday Everyone!


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Ted (Movie Trailer) – Tube Tuesday’s

Mila Kunis is in it, it passes for all men! Alright, for real, the upcoming comedy, Ted, is a story centred on a man named John played by Mark Whalberg’s and his teddy bear, who comes to life as the result of a childhood wish. Is it going to be for the better or for worse?

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Drunken Bohemian Rhapsody – Tube Tuesday’s

This video was sent it by Dan, thanks for the good laugh! Ever imagine that you couldn’t have a proper conversation with the law enforcement because you were so drunk? Yet, you would have no problem singing them Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody in it’s entirety!! Enjoy this good one!

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@SarcasticWilly – #FF – Follow Friday

As always, trying to bring you a good laugh on follow friday’s! @SacasticWilly has had me laughing histerically for the last week with his sarcastic remarks! The truth is the truth and that picture of him that appears beside each tweet just cracks you up even more! Give it a follow!

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@GSElevator – #FF – Follow Friday’s

I travelled down to the United States a few weeks ago and so many people were talking about @GSElevator. It’s a popular trend amongst business students since Goldman Sachs is one of the biggest American investment banking firm that many aspire to work for when graduated university. Each of their tweets are emailed in from overheard conversations in the elevators and although I am sure many are not that real, they are still worth a good laugh. So I guess that the things heard in the Goldman Sachs elevators do not stay in the Goldman Sachs elevators. Enjoy some funny tweets!

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Food Loving, Talking Dog – Tube Tuesday’s

This video was uploaded almost a year ago and it’s about to hit a Billion views on YouTube. I cannot believe it took this long for me to see, but now it’s your turn if you have not seen it! Enjoy and share!

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@CauseWereGuys – #FF – Follow Friday’s

Because I’m A Guy is where the truth about being a guy keeps you laughing all day. @CauseWereGuys is a great follow if your not afraid to admit agreeing to the truth of just simply being a guy! Check it out!

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