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@Duck_Commander – #FF – Follow Friday’s

Oh yes! The beards are back for a new season! Dem southern guys by the name of Phil, Sy, Willie, Jase and the rest of the Robertson family are back to make us laugh and enjoy some good ol’ dumb TV! Follow @Duck_Commander for the latest updates on A&E’s Duck Dynasty! Don’t forget to hashtag #DUCK!


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Russell Peters Notorious World Tour – Montreal Monday’s

Russell Peters is back with a new act and world tour! He’s headed to Montreal on October 15th at the Bell Centre and will make you laugh your head off! If you have not seen anything from Russell Peters before then you want to check out this video from a few years back at the Comedy Now show in Toronto. He is certainly one of my favourite comedians and he’s canadian!

For tickets and more info check out: www.evenko.ca/RussellPeters

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Madonna Themed Bar Mitzvah – Tube Tuesday’s

A Madonna themed Bat Mitzvah would make sense, but a Madonna themed Bar Mitzvah? That just sounds a bit strange doesn’t it? Ever since going viral, this classic is spreading like wild fire and was even aired on Jimmy Kimmel last week! If your not catching on just yet, here’s what’s going on… On March 14, 1992, Shaun Sperling read from the Torah and became a Bar Mitzvah in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. The theme Shaun chose to signify the religious celebration of him becoming a man was, “Madonna.” To kick off his party, he performed a dance to ‘Vogue’… Yes.. Vogue… Alright Shaun all yours…now strike a pose and lets get to it!

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@TheOnion – #FF – Follow Friday’s

I got to discover The Onion this past week in on of my classes. (Oh yes. I am back in school). @TheOnion is America’s finest satirical news source. From politics, to entertainment, to sports and everyday news, the onion is just amazing at finding ways to put the satirical twist on everything! Take this Blockbuster story below for example! Remember when going to the movie store was just difficult! How we’ve come such a long way and god bless Netflix! Enough said,  follow @TheOnion, you might learn something new!

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Fifty Shades of Hilarity – Whatever’s On The Weekend

Here’s one that made me laugh! I have not stopped hearing about how incredible Fifty Shades of Grey is and how many girls can’t put the book down because of it’s non stop eroticness! Here’s something many guys will appreciate! Anyone remember Gilbert Gottfried? The famous voice of Iago the Parrot from Disney’s Aladdin? Well try having him read a couple pages of the book and try not to laugh! Impossible!

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Caller ID Fail! – Tube Tuesday’s

Whether he or she is a just a bad date, an absolute creep or just totally not your type, we all have secret phone names for some people. We might not remember their last name or we might only remember that they looked a certain way the night we met them during drunken stupidness. However, in the end you better hope we never get caught like these people! Thanks to Tony Stark from Virgin Radio for sharing this one, I just had to share with some of you!

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