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@MtlComiccon – #FF – Follow Friday’s

If you don’t already know about it and did not seen this week’s edition of Montreal Monday’s, then you have no idea that Comiccon is going down in Montreal this weekend! But now that you know, follow @MtlComiccon to stay updated with all that’s good regarding, who’s here for photo opts and all the top secret news you need to know about for this weekend’s festivities. The show is expected to be very unique one taking place in a unique setting mixing the English and French fantasy fiction universes.


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@TheOnion – #FF – Follow Friday’s

I got to discover The Onion this past week in on of my classes. (Oh yes. I am back in school). @TheOnion is America’s finest satirical news source. From politics, to entertainment, to sports and everyday news, the onion is just amazing at finding ways to put the satirical twist on everything! Take this Blockbuster story below for example! Remember when going to the movie store was just difficult! How we’ve come such a long way and god bless Netflix! Enough said,  follow @TheOnion, you might learn something new!

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@azizansari – #FF – Follow Friday’s

For those who think this guy looks familiar but can’t place him think “30 Minutes or Less, Get Him to The Greek, Funny People or even I Love You Man.” @azizansari always makes you laugh whether its in his movies, doing stand up comedy or right on your twitter feed! The comedy is wild and out there and can always bring an extra smile to your day! Totally worth the follow!

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@ADespatie – #OlympicHeroes – Follow Friday’s

This week’s edition of #OlympicHeroes features a Canadian born athlete who has struck the podium a few times at the Olympics before! Growing up, he has always been one of the athletes I cheer for! @ADespatie (Alexandre Despatie) is one of the world’s top diver’s who is expected to make the biggest yet smallest splash at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London! Send him you’re good luck wishes, love and let him know he has you’re support! Don’t forget to include hashtag #OlympicHeroes in you’re tweet! Want to learn more about @ADespatie check out this cool video below!

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@atrak – #FF – Follow Friday’s

It is exciting to see that a fellow Montrealer has made an amazing impact on the music scene! @atrak‘s journey began early when he won the DMC DJ Champion at the age of just 15 years old! He then went on to become the first DJ to win five World Championships shaping his route to becoming one of the world’s most successful producers and turntablists! His recent remixes and releases are some of my favourite tracks to play while I spin as I know the vibe of his tracks just gets into the veins and bones of the people listening! More so, his twitter account makes it even more fun to keep up with everything that goes on in his career. Expect awesome tour pictures, show updates and a head’s up on music releases. Follow @atrak today because he’s the damn man and DJ’s better than anyone I’ve ever seen!

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“The Re-Bar Mitzvah” @Drake – #FF – Follow Friday’s

Alright, it’s Friday, it’s passover, and @Drake just released footage from his  “Re-Bar Mitzvah”! I’ll stop there! This is just whack!! Check out the new music video to HYFR (Hell Yeah! F***in Right!) and follow Drizzy on twitter to find out whats coming next! Chag Same’ach!

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@TheComedyJokes – #FF – Follow Friday’s

You know how it is! I love to keep a twitter feed entertaining with good jokes! @TheComedyJokes makes some good ones all day long that truly keep people like you and I entertained! Check it out!

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