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Madonna Themed Bar Mitzvah – Tube Tuesday’s

A Madonna themed Bat Mitzvah would make sense, but a Madonna themed Bar Mitzvah? That just sounds a bit strange doesn’t it? Ever since going viral, this classic is spreading like wild fire and was even aired on Jimmy Kimmel last week! If your not catching on just yet, here’s what’s going on… On March 14, 1992, Shaun Sperling read from the Torah and became a Bar Mitzvah in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. The theme Shaun chose to signify the religious celebration of him becoming a man was, “Madonna.” To kick off his party, he performed a dance to ‘Vogue’… Yes.. Vogue… Alright Shaun all yours…now strike a pose and lets get to it!


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Can You Feel It? – UMF Recap Movie – Whatever’s On The Weekend’s

Wow!!! Just when we all thought Tomorrowland was cool with their 13 minute long movie, think again! Just a week or two ago, Miami Ultra Music Festival released a 60 minute movie recap and wow, is it ever incredible! Get a look at the festival through the eyes of the world’s greatest DJ’s. Tiesto, David Guetta, Carl Cox, Armin van Buuren, Avicii, Afrojack, Fedde le Grand and Boys Noize we’re some of the headlining superstars that will take you on an electrifying journey through Ultra Music Festival and the world of dance music. The film makes you feel like you are on the dance floor and in the DJ booth at the same time and has the pace and feel of a music video mixed with in-depth storylines on the artists, the event and especially the rise of dance music around the world. Grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy!

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Tricking.. Ever hear of it? – Tube Tuesday’s

Received this one in an email and I am just blown away! Is it Gymnatics? Martial Arts? Dance? Im not too sure.. so I pulled out the good old Urban Dictionairy on this one because this is amazing. Here it is:

Tricking: “A form of acrobatics where practitioners focus mainly on linking together chains of acrobatic kicks, flips and twists in combinations, or combos. Trickers train and can be found in many locations, including fields, Martial Arts dojos, Gymnastics gyms, and even public locales. People who trick are known as Trickers or Tricksters.”

Ever hear of tricking before? This is just crazy!! Watch it and I am almost positive you’ll find yourself running that so called “YouTube Marathon” of tricking videos after this first one! This is super intense and cannot be so easy. Let me tell you thought, Lil B makes it look like a piece of cake! #PRO

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Step Up: Revolution (Movie) Trailer – Whatever’s On The Weekend

WOW! is all I have to say! I don’t know about you, but if you have ever seen a flash mob in person you know exactly how amazing they are! How about a movie with a bunch of professional mobs? The new Step Up: Revolution has us all wondering.. Who is the Mob? Through dance, people have a chance to be heard by the public! Watch the preview and get excited for a pretty dope looking movie!

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@BrigadeCyu – #FF – Follow Friday’s

My boy Cyusa a.k.a. “Q” is doing it big this summer! The dance super star has teamed up with Coca Cola and leads their new campaign called la “Brigade de Bonheur.” The campaign is all about Coca-Cola delivering happiness to Quebec youth through music. So get ready, the brigade could end up somewhere near you anytime! The brigade will have several competitions and events which link to music, dance and Coca Cola over the course of this entire summer. So if you’ve dreamt of seeing a concert VIP style, or want to be part of the most incredible block party’s then be sure to follow my boy @BrigadeCyu on Twitter to find out all the updates on how you can participate! Learn more by checking out the new Coca-Cola video featuring “Q” and Montreal’s own TB1 and David A.

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TB1 Nominated for Canadian Pop/Dance Single of the Year – Montreal Monday’s

Montreal’s very own’s banging dance track’s are now making noise all over the country! My boy TB1 has been nominated for the Canadian Pop/Dance Single of the Year and he needs your fan votes! Catch @TB1_ this Sunday at Toronto hotspot Brassaii as he is host of the March Edition of Le Brunch! More importantly, check out the instructional thank you video below from the one and only himself and be sure to cast your vote!


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100th Post! The Pack Boys Tear Up Vegas – Tube Tuesday’s

Today is a small milestone for me, its my 100th post! Who better to write about than The Pack Boys! The only montreal based all male dance crew that just represented Canada at the World Hip Hop Dance Championships in Las Vegas! The boys placed 4th in the world amongst 50 other teams! No so bad right? Check out this awesome performance!! Congratz Gents!

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