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Raised by Wolves 5 Panel Caps – What’s Wearing Wednesday’s

Lovin’ the 5 panel caps for the fall! Raised by Wolves is setting a new standard by giving us so much to choose from! From patterns, to colours, to materials, they’ve targeted every style! More than that, they are Canadian brand too! Yup, you bet! Canucks have major style!

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@simonwhitfield – #OlympicHeroes – Follow Friday’s

If there is one Canadian Summer Olympian I have ever looked up to the most in my entire life it would be triathlete, Simon Whitfield. He was my inspiration after his silver medal win at Beijing 2008 Games to push and strive for more as I represented Team Canada in the 2009 Maccabiah Games Triathlon in Israel. Since his Gold medal in Sydney 2000 he has inspired all Triathletes in the country to make it big! Although my dreams ended short, @SimonWhitfield‘s is not over! He lead the entire country into the stadium on July 27th during the opening ceremonies carrying the flag for Canada and will undoubtably strike the podium one last time during his final Olympics on Race day, August the 7th! Simon, count me in on being in front of my television with Canadian flag screaming GO GO GO!! Everyone be sure to follow him and send him you’re good luck’s, love, and support via Twitter and don’t forget to hashtag #OlympicHeroes! Learn more about @SimonWhitfield by watching the video below!

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@ADespatie – #OlympicHeroes – Follow Friday’s

This week’s edition of #OlympicHeroes features a Canadian born athlete who has struck the podium a few times at the Olympics before! Growing up, he has always been one of the athletes I cheer for! @ADespatie (Alexandre Despatie) is one of the world’s top diver’s who is expected to make the biggest yet smallest splash at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London! Send him you’re good luck wishes, love and let him know he has you’re support! Don’t forget to include hashtag #OlympicHeroes in you’re tweet! Want to learn more about @ADespatie check out this cool video below!

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International Fireworks Competition – Montreal Monday’s

It’s back again! Just like every summer La Ronde presents a new edition of the Montreal International Fireworks Competition otherwise known as the “International de Feux Loto-Quebec.” Throughout the upcoming weeks, some of the best pyrotechnicians from nine countries will have their chance to display their daring talent to compete for the honours: gold, silver and bronze Jupiter awards. You can be an onsite spectator or even view from a distance while each event takes place on the following dates:

June 30 (Japan)

July 7 (Switzerland)

July 14 (Canada)

July 17 (Greece)

July 21 (France)

July 24 (Portugal)

July 27 (Italy)

July 31 (USA)

August 3

(The Grand Finale – Diamond Jubilee Theme Honoring the Queen)

For more information and tickets, visit


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La Cabane – Montreal Monday’s

Although we have not had the “greatest” of winters, and trust me, I don’t think many of us are complaining, La Cabane still made it’s return this spring! Located at the Quays of the Old Port, La Cabane is the place for some real delicious and fashionable sweetness! It’s “La Cabane A Sucre a la Up-Scale!” It’s been booked up for weeks and guests have been enjoying some incredibly gourmet, yet traditional, Canadian cabin food all mixed in with some relaxing moments at the Quays of the Old Port. So what’s on the menu you ask? Think about it this way! Use your imagination and taste buds to think of reinvented classics based on maple syrup, but this time around, you dont get to enjoy them in a rusty old cabin! Swap that out and replace it with a fresh new décor, and a second to none atmosphere of warmth and celebration of Canadian culture! For more on the La Cabane and how you can make a reservation check out: www.lacabane.ca

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Blueprint Cru X Reebok Shoes – What’s Wearing Wednesday’s

Ever since their finalist finish on MTV’s Randy Jackson presents America’s Best Dance Crew season 5, Blueprint Cru has travelled all across the continent giving workshops and performing in shows for people as important as the Queen of England! They have come a long way since the days of ABDC and have teamed up with their sponsor Reebok Canada to design the brand new Blueprint Cru X Reebok Pumps!  Members: Steve Bolton, T.L., Kim, Lorena, Nat, Nic, Derek and Vincent launched the brand new shoe this past weekend at the 8th edition of Raise The Bar, 8-Count Dance Complex’s annual dance workshop. Hundreds of all aged dancers and many big name choreographers such as Chachi, Luther Brown, Sho-Tyme, Jason Wright, Megan Lawson and Moon we’re all at the launch and according to Twitter and Facebook feeds, they have had nothing but great things to say about the whole experience!

Congratulations to Blueprint Cru on all of their success!

A limited pair of shoes can be purchased at 8 Count Dance Complex for $160 and will soon be available in all Reebok Canada stores!

Be sure to follow @BlueprintCru on Twitter to find out when the shoes are launched nation wide and to know where they will be performing next!

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Tiesto In The Booth Episode 8, 9,10 – Whatever’s On The Weekend

The “In The Booth” Series has sadly come to an end. If you have yet to see the final three episodes, please enjoy! A world tour, sold out and caught on video! Unbelievable!

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