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@azizansari – #FF – Follow Friday’s

For those who think this guy looks familiar but can’t place him think “30 Minutes or Less, Get Him to The Greek, Funny People or even I Love You Man.” @azizansari always makes you laugh whether its in his movies, doing stand up comedy or right on your twitter feed! The comedy is wild and out there and can always bring an extra smile to your day! Totally worth the follow!


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The Just For Laughs Scoop – Montreal Monday’s

Officially underway tonight through to August 18th the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival has a great line up of shows to keep you laughing to the end of summer! Some of the top acts include Lewis Black, Mario Cantone (Sex In The City), Bob Saget, Aziz Ansari’s “Buried Alive,” The Muppets All Star Comedy Gala, Howie Mendel, Kevin Hart, Joey Elias, Eddy King, The Nasty Show with Bobby Slayton, and of my personal favourite comedians, Wayne Brady’s “I see White People!”

For more info on shows and scheduling for the 2012 Just For Laughs Fest visit: www.hahaha.com

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