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One Week Shut Down – Technical Issues

Dear Readers,

GdotSpeaks underwent several technical issues last week and is now back up and running.

Sincerely apologize, but not to worry, some awesome content is on the way!


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Coming May 1st, 2011

Welcome to my blog!

Here’s what’s going to take place starting tomorrow!

Each day of the week will feature a specific part of my lifestyle, here they are:

Montreal Monday’s

(features something about my beloved home city of Montreal)

Tube Tuesday’s

(Sharing a good vid from YouTube.)

What’s Wearing Wednesdays

(A hot item thats trending and worth wearing)

Track Thursday’s

(The track of the week with a feature on that artist)

Follow Friday’s

 (Feature someone I am following so you can follow them too)

Whatever on the Weekend’s

(Its the weekend, time to let the mind run free with whatever!)

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