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LEGO Stratos Jump – Tube Tuesday’s

With all the hype behind the incredible Red Bull Stratos feat achieved over the weekend by Austrian extreme athlete Felix Baumgartner, LEGO decided to give us the feeling as if it we’re done with just a small piece of moulded coloured plastic at a scale of 1:350 of the original jump.  So enjoy the stratos jump – this time in LEGO.

Congratulations Felix and Red Bull on breaking world records and Wow-ing the entire world!

To watch the original Red Bull Stratos Jump click here


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Epic Dodgeball Knockout! – Tube Tuesday’s

A little while back I had posted a video about “Tricking” a crazy style of dance that incorporates a good mix of martial arts moves! Check out what happens when you throw some tricking into Dodgeball! This just is a ninja!!

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Hot Wheels Police Chase – Tube Tuesday’s

A super-charged Ford Mustang is under hot pursuit by the law and throws them off its tail one by one, but it may have met its match when it comes up against a mysterious black police Chevy Corvette… This stop motion action film using toy cars took 6 months to shoot for just under 3 minutes of film! It was filmed using bespoke rigging systems and an iPhone with an application called Stop Motion HD. Amazing work! Don’t forget the sound fx!!

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Those Piano Guys – Tube Tuesday’s

I stumbled upon this video on Facebook the other day and I was really blown away! This is not something that is easy to coordinate and put together but it was done so beautifully! The Piano Guy’s are a growing YouTube sensation and I hope they put out more videos just like this one they did covering One Direction’s hit “What Makes You Beautiful.”

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Don’t You Worry Child – Tube Tuesday’s

I was so upset to hear the news back in the spring. Electronic music gods, Swedish House Mafia (Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso) are calling it quits as a group. The masterminds behind records like “Greyhound” “One” “Save The World” “Miami To Ibiza” and now this glorious track “Don’t You Worry Child” are setting off on ONE LAST TOUR and just announced their last and final soundtrack yesterday. Enjoy the video that recaps some of the greater moments of their history as a group.

For more on the new soundtrack and tour dates check out

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Madonna Themed Bar Mitzvah – Tube Tuesday’s

A Madonna themed Bat Mitzvah would make sense, but a Madonna themed Bar Mitzvah? That just sounds a bit strange doesn’t it? Ever since going viral, this classic is spreading like wild fire and was even aired on Jimmy Kimmel last week! If your not catching on just yet, here’s what’s going on… On March 14, 1992, Shaun Sperling read from the Torah and became a Bar Mitzvah in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. The theme Shaun chose to signify the religious celebration of him becoming a man was, “Madonna.” To kick off his party, he performed a dance to ‘Vogue’… Yes.. Vogue… Alright Shaun all yours…now strike a pose and lets get to it!

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Skrillehammer [Official Music Video] – Tube Tuesday’s

You’ve certainly been introduced to David A. before, but this time around he has brought us his first original single! Brand new and fresh out of the studio, Skrillehammer is a creative combo of what was once a bland Skrillex interview before a show in Lillehammer, Norway and one heck of a David A. dubstep track! Show so love and share the video! I have more surprises for you from the incredible producer coming this Thursday! Hint: Lots of free downloads!

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