20 year old Montrealer inspired to share what’s on my mind.

In my eyes, social networking is key!

Welcome to my world.

Let’s Blog.

I love my city; I love the Internet and I Love Music! My goal in keeping up with this blog is to feature a specific part of my lifestyle each day of the week. Trending the Internet and my city allows you and I to combine two important factors to have a better understanding on what’s out there!

Montreal Monday’s 

(Features something about my beloved home city of Montreal)

Tube Tuesday’s 

(Sharing a good video from YouTube.)

What’s Wearing Wednesdays 

(A hot item that’s trending and worth wearing)

Track Thursday’s 

(The track of the week with a feature on that artist)

Follow Friday’s

 (Feature someone I am following so you can follow them too)

Whatever on the Weekend’s 

(It’s the weekend, time to let the mind run free with whatever!)

*To contact, please visit the contact page

10 responses to “About

  1. Rita De Luca

    Very Nice !!! Wish you every success with your new venture. May you get hundreds of thousands of followers. Rita xx

  2. Olivia Amiel

    Greg, seems like such a cool idea! Hope it ends up successful, you’re so inspirational 🙂 love you!
    Your sister, Olivia

  3. Jennifer Pontarelli

    I love it Greg!!! Your so creative. Best of luck with the blog, I’ll be checking it out!!

    Have a great time with it.
    J xoxo

  4. Joshua Amiel

    Hi Greg! Very cool! Looking forward to seeing more!


  5. Hey Greg,

    Very cool looking blog and I love the idea of thematic days of the week. I will be following along and enjoying your posts!

    Daryl Bamib

  6. Sophie Choquette

    Hey Greg!

    Awesome job on the site, I’ll be following along, keep it cool!

    Stay classy,


  7. Love it.. very cool…

  8. Amazing Site Greg! The Whole Virgin Radio staff thanks you for follow fridays this week!

    Great stuff man, keep it up!

    If you need more fist pumping let me know!!

    Cousin VInny

  9. One of my favorite blogs of all time 🙂

  10. One of my all time favorite blogs!

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